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Corporate Message

Our Purpose

AluminumTechnology Mirai

With aluminum technology, a future with dreams

This is our purpose.
We will create a future with dreams, working closely with our customers toward our purpose.

We have been earnestly dealing in aluminum and pursuing its possibilities wholeheartedly.
We will mobilize the developmental capabilities, technologies, and expertise accumulated at each company and work as a group alongside our customers to pioneer a future with dreams.
In addition, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by further deepening our advanced recycling technology.

With our understanding of the attributes of aluminum, we combine technical excellence with our extensive knowledge and expertise gained from specializing in the aluminum rolling business
Delivering a future with dreams to all our customers.

Group Strategy

To grow into an "Indispensable Company in the World"

We have developed three strategies to create synergistic value through both horizontal and vertical integration and by sharing and deepening best practices that combine the strengths of each company to create a brighter future in aluminum technology.


Technological CapabilitiesWorking to deepen our manufacturing capabilities.

  • We will provide new value to our customers through superior manufacturing by leveraging the pioneering spirit shared by the Group.
  • We will provide total solutions to our customers by combining the accumulated knowledge and experience of our companies through both horizontal and vertical integration.


Optimization and CoordinationWe aim to enhance the management of our supply chain.

  • By utilizing the resources of the entire Group, we will optimize our production and supply systems to strengthen our business foundation and BCM*.
  • We aim to improve quality, safety, and environmental management throughout the supply chain by sharing best practices.*Business Continuity Management


The EnvironmentLeading the way toward a recycling-oriented society.

  • ALTEMIRA is proud of its high level of recycling technology, and has achieved vertical integration of rolling and can manufacturing in its pursuit of sustainable solutions.
  • We will contribute to reducing environmental impact of the entire value chain, including the final product that reaches the consumer.

Message From the President

ALTEMIRA Co., Ltd. was established on July 1st, 2022. As a subsidiary of the global alternative investment company Apollo Global Management, Inc. in the U.S., Showa Aluminum Can Corporation was renamed as ALTEMIRA Co., Ltd., and Universal Can Corporation changed its name to ALTEMIRA Can Co., Ltd., making a new start as an integrated Aluminum Group Company along with the Group's other three companies, Hanacans JSC in Vietnam, the rolling, foil, and extrusion company Sakai aluminium Corporation, and MA Aluminum Corporation.
ALTEMIRA Group is a combination of aluminum can manufacturers and rolling, foil, and extrusion businesses, making it a unique vertically-integrated aluminum group entity. As a specialized manufacturer of aluminum cans as well as rolls, foils, and extrusions, we are well versed in the appeal of aluminum which is quite sustainable material. We are committed to creating a bright future by combining the outstanding technologies and wealth of knowledge accumulated by our Group companies over the years.

The origin of our new company name ALTEMIRA derives from AL-uminum (AL), TE-chnology (TE) and Japanese "MIRA-i (future)" (MIRA), which expresses the strong desire of the five Group companies to strive toward a bright future with aluminum.

President & CEO Teruaki Nakatsuka


With aluminum technology, a future with dreams

The design concept of our logo is based on the letter "A", the first initial of both ALTEMIRA and Aluminum, and the Japanese symbol for recycling to create a triangular symbol.
This symbolizes ALTEMIRA Group's support for its valued customers and the society ALTEMIRA strives to protect.
Its blue color expresses our sincere attitude towards our customers as "One ALTEMIRA." In addition, we have combined "green" from our desire to contribute to the realization of a green society with recycling technology, which is one of ALTEMIRA's strengths. It also expresses ALTEMIRA's attitude toward creating a bright future together with ourselves, our customers, and society as a whole.